Digital TV [HD] is a new service from Airtel DTH which brings you the highest possible picture resolution of 1080x1920, better viewing experience with Wide Aspect Ratio of 16:9, and theatre like experience right in your living room with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound

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Yes, Standard Definition (SD) channels can also be viewed with Airtel digital TV HD set top box. These channels will be shown in SD format.

To experience High Definition with Surround Sound, you must have an Airtel digital TV HD set top box, an HDTV, HDMI cable and a Home Theatre. For more details click on What do I need on the top navigation bar.

HDMI is essential to get the best HD signals to your television sets. The Airtel digital TV HD set top box includes a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable. Our HD set top box also has AV, Component and RF outputs in case your TV doesn’t have an HDMI input.

Yes, you can watch your HDTV using a Component cable.

Yes, you can watch using AV output but HD content will be seen in SD format.

If you don´t have HDTV, then set top box is compatible with your Standard Definition Television (SDTV). You can continue enjoying the HD broadcast in Standard format.

No, there is no special installation required for the HD set top box. You need to connect your HDTV to the STB using an HDMI cable (which comes included with the Set Top Box) and to your home theatre using an HDMI cable or an SPDIF cable.

You can currently watch Football World Cup and Wimbledon in High Definition. These broadcasts will be advertisement-free. We will continue to launch other HD channels such as National Geographic HD and others.

Globally, High Definition (HD) is swiftly replacing Standard Definition (SD) when it comes to television broadcasts. HD has a high picture resolution of 1080x1920, with 2.07million+ pixels offering 5 times more detail than SD. It has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9 better suited for our eyes which have more horizontal than vertical span, as compared to an aspect ratio of 4:3 in SD.

Ready to take your surround sound experience to the next level? Dolby Digital Plus lets you experience all of the enveloping surround sound that your High Definition (HD) broadcast makes possible. With up to 7.1 channels of premium-quality surround sound, you´ll follow the action with your eyes and your ears. When listening to your music or watching movies, you'll feel the explosive power of dazzling special effects and hear every sound as the artist or director intended.